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Updated:  1/20/13
We think the best Humic/Fulvic Acid is Supreme Fulvic & Humic Mineral Complex - Order it direct from that site by clicking the link or the photo. 
You can also try Vitality Boost available here
Fulvic Acid is derived from Humic Acid. It is included in our protocols for several purposes:
1.  It is used in early phases to promote metal and toxin cleanse and is easy to take.  
2.  It is used in place of traditional metal chelation products, because it is safer. Traditional chelation will release loose metals into the body, brain, and other areas which can do considerable damage to your body, setting you back in healing, if they are not applied correctly.  
Amalgam fillings and metal detox:  It doesn't make much sense to try and traditionally chelate metals if you have amalgam fillings.  
Do I always need to detox from metal as a first step in protocols?
- This is controversial, but we are going to say No, not necessarily 
- If you have no amalgam fillings, and/or are fairly young, you might not have appreciable accumulated levels of toxic metals to begin with. 
- Not doing a metal detox won't prevent the protocols from working effectively.
Why do Metal Detox?
-  Some doctors think that metals can create roadblocks to healing, so we offer you options to buy some of these metal products as well as understand how they fit into protocols.
- If you have been tested to show high levels of metal toxicity, it makes sense to use Fulvic.
- Metals seem to be associated with blocking the effectiveness of antimicrobials and antibiotics.

- Metals and minerals appear to be part of the biofilm - the biofilm interferes with the effectiveness of antimicrobials and antibiotics.

- Metals may interfere with proper nerve and neurotransmitter function.
Humic Acid has been shown to be helpful in viral infections by coating the RNA of the virus and incapacitating it.  It undermines biofilm by preventing the accumulation of calcium apatite. It prevents calcification by removing it.
Check out our Zeolite category for more metal and toxin cleanse options.  Zeolite, however, can cause constipation, so you must supplement with items that help cleanse the bowel.
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Supreme Fulvic & Humic Mineral Complex ( Fulvic Acid ) Complete Metal Cleanse (Fulvic/Humic acid) Heavy Metal Cleanse 30 caps Vitality Boost (Fulvic Acid) Liquid Minerals / 4 oz. bottle
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MSRP: $21.95
Our Price: $17.00
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MSRP: $33.00
Our Price: $33.00
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Supreme Fulvic & Humic Mineral Complex - Order it direct from that site by clicking the link. 
Applications: Heavy metal detox; calcium shell (apatite) removal. Application: Metal chelate / detox, nutritional support, calcium apatite (shell) removal.
Shilajeet Mumiyo (Shalajit, Shilajitu) 250 mg / 60 vcaplets w/ Fulvic
Our Price: $33.50
Application:  Enhances strength and stamina, joint support, bladder and kidney support. Acts as water soluable resin. Helps to prevent Interstitial Cystitis-like symptoms in bladder related to mycoplasma and Lyme Disease.