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Part 3 - Protocol Keys

I am on Antibiotics: How do I know if I should take herbs? You might not need herbs. Each person has a unique genetic make up. If you have the genetic makeup to remove toxins from the body and other essential processes related to healing, you could be in the small percentage of lucky ones who recover or seem to get better from antibiotics. Everyone, however, is not so lucky or well-equipped.

Most clients who use herbs and natural products have a similar story - They have finished with antibiotics, but after days and weeks, still feel or test ill or have relapsed. They want to try to help themselves.

Please educate yourself on the various pathogens that vectors carry. Read the Pathogen Alert via the home page link. Your physician may have only prescribed one classification of antibiotic, when you may be experiencing multiple pathogens - especially in the case of biofilms. Many Lyme Literate MD's now prescribe a cocktail of drugs to address multiple pathogens. Some single drugs do address multiple pathogens. Discuss this possibility with him/her before you self-administer herbal protocols. Generally, LLMDs will start you on agents that at a minimum address bacteria (spirochetes) and parasites (protozoa).

Probiotics vs. Antibiotics: If you have taken antibiotics, you will need to re-populate the level of healthy microflora in the gut and the body. The average gut can have around 4 lbs of it, so killing it off with prescription antibiotics will disrupt your immune function. Read more about this in the Probiotics section.

When do I start a protocol - during or after antibiotics? We advise that you consult with your doctor on this. Doctors are mixed on this subject. Some Lyme Literate Physicians and Naturopaths now recommend that patients take systemic enzymes and herbal antimicrobials with a few other effective natural products while at the same time taking prescription antibiotics. Because herbal treatment is expensive, it is fairly common that many people wait to see if antibiotics will cure them or if they will relapse before they spend money on natural products.

If you take natural products during antibiotic treatment, then consider adding:
  1. Systemic Enzymes, like Neprinol, PRX, Serrapeptase or other (to degrade general biofilm)
  2. Systemic Enzymes targeted for the gut, like Syntol, Interfase Plus, and CDX (to address biofilm specific to gut)
  3. Antimicrobials like Biocidin Advanced Formula ( see the Bioclear Cleansing Program)
  4. Chlorella or Red Marine Algae (to bind toxins)
  5. Anti-Inflammatory agents like Advanced Inflammation Control (to mitigate inflammatory response to Lyme toxins and die off)
  6. MSM (to interfere with adhesion of biofilm, as an anti-inflammatory) Use at high doses, as this is non-toxic.
  7. Berberine (to degrade biofilm)
  8. Buffered Vitamin C (to alkalize the body, and buffer against the poisons released in die off and normal pathogen metabolism)
  9. Schizandra (to support liver drainage and detoxification)
  10. Toa-Free Cat's Claw or Cat's Claw (to modulate immunity)
  11. Resins or Charcoal (to bind bile toxins)

What time do I take antibiotics if I use the protocols?
- If you are taking an antibiotic, that is classified as an "Antimicrobial." Take products at the times outlined in the sample protocol charts.

After finishing Antibiotics: When is the optimum time to start protocols after antibiotics?
- The sooner the better. The earlier you can intervene, the greater chance you have to prevent a chronic situation from developing, and less time in months you will spend on protocols.

After normal or longer course antibiotic therapy, our recommendation is to begin your protocol no more than 7-10 days after you stopped your last dose of antibiotics. Optimally, you could start the following day. But don't panic if you've waited a few days.

Basically, the longer you wait to begin natural/herbal intervention, the longer the duration of your healing protocol, because in chronic biofilm-related illness, you will be dealing with old, calcified biofilm and systemic, often advanced problems. Makes sense, right?

Clients on "permanent" antibiotic therapy - This is newer territory for us, and we do not have experience or reports of success in this case. Obviously, you are working with your doctor on a regular basis and have been tremendously ill. Always clear protocols or products with him/her, ok? When you stay on long term antibiotics, you will drive pathogens into biofilm and set up the internal terms for the development of pathogenic yeast, candida, fungus, and Leaky Gut.

How long do I stay on all this stuff?
Normal biofilm protocols without any significant illness generally require 3-6 months to clear. For Lyme Disease biofilms, stay on systemic enzymes for at least 6 months. Some manufacturers suggest using intensive systemic enzymes (for the elimination of biofilm) for up to 6 months before discontinuation.

*Stay on herbal protocols for at least 6-8 weeks, then take 6-7 days off from herbs. After the break, start again. This is also a good time to rotate in or out items when needed. Take Sundays off from herbs. Click here to read more about the best ways to take herbs and supplements... If you are very ill from Lyme Disease, then stay on herbs for 10-12 weeks before your first break.

With vector/tick illness, realistically expect to stay on a healing regime 8 months - 14 months. Then, depending on how you feel, you will rotate to a maintenance plan.

Kolorex for Candida: If you experience Leaky Gut, you will stay on Kolorex 3-18 months.

Why do I need a maintenance plan?
- Because spirochetes can hide in biofilm, can go dormant, and even migrate to other areas of the body, creating yet more symptoms or another illness, specifically, arthritis, central nervous system problems, Interstitial Cystitis symptoms, irritable bowel, and others. It's really the inflammation damage and inflammatory disease process that you want to avoid as well as changes in your immune system function. In our opinion, it is a mistake to avoid a maintenance plan.

Biocidin Advanced Formula, Biotonic and a probiotic: These three items now come packaged in one kit called BioClear Cleansing Program to save you $. Biocidin product is available in a choice of liquid tincture or a gel capsules - BE SURE you order the correct kit choice. One kit will last 1 month.

Clients always start protocols with Cat's Claw + Biocidin Advanced Formula + Biotonic + Olivirex + Probiotics. If you think you are experiencing additional protozoa infection like Babesia, Biocidin Advanced and Biotonic will address it. However, if you have not improved after 10 - 12 weeks on the protocol, think about adding another protozoa product like Lauricidin.

*Biocidin and Biotonic are very active. You may also "titre up" the dosage of Biocidin, and off label doses can go to 30 drops per day at various intervals, especially during the acute phase. If you think you will titre up the dosage, then order an additional separate bottle of Biocidin Advanced Formula to last one month.

Upset stomach: Try taking a Zygest capsule with your herbs to assist in their breakdown, especially if you get gas or burping from Guggul. If this does not help, you may try SGI to calm gastritis. Peppermint oil, Anise tincture, fresh ginger tea or ginger tinctures will also help with upset stomach. Amalaki is recommended for sensitive stomachs as a gentle detox. product in place of Triphala. Charcoal caps will help in many cases. It is possible you may have low stomach acid - check with your doctor for a solution. Ant-acids will only neutralize acid; taking them will be counterproductive to your efforts to break down herbs and supplements.

Herxheimer alert: If you have not taken systemic enzymes before, unless your protocol is well designed, you are going to Herx., because these items disrupt the biofilm. Always include general binders to prevent Herx. Herbal antimicrobials, Berberine products, and other items also provoke a Herx. If you are heavily Herxing, take a general binder or anti-Herx product (see Herxheimer Support category) along with a buffer product, like powdered Buffered Vitamin C. We never recommend you ride through heavy Herxing because of the damage from inflammation that results.

Heavy Herx.: Back off your doses (titre down) or products until your body can handle the die off and inflammatory effects. Trying to do too much at once is ill advised.

If you are normally sensitive to products, we always recommend that you slowly add one product at a time and build up your protocol over several days or weeks time, rather than starting the protocol all at once. If there is a reaction, it will be easier to pin point what item could've caused the reaction if you add one item at a time.
One major reason why people get a bad Herx reaction is that they do not take products to prevent and address it - this is why they are essential in protocols. Binders and buffers like Buffered C, Chlorella, Red Marine Algae, and Advanced Inflammation Control are parts of our protocols.

HERX. WARNING - START SLOW WITH liquid TOA-Free Cat's Claw - Even one drop can cause a Herx reaction if you have a heavy blood pathogen load or if you have never taken this product before. Do not make the mistake of taking too many drops when you start. Some brands label the dose to restrict the daily total to 15 drops per day. However, "off label dosages" can go higher, and depending on your condition, different practitioners will very often increase that dosage, but only after you have well tolerated the 15 drops per day.

Start slow with doses of Lactoferrin (see if you tolerate 1/4 capsule to start with, then increase slowly).

Feeling worse before you feel better: Especially with systemic enzymes, you could definitely Herx. and in the least feel tired for a couple of weeks as the products work.

*Finish two to three bottles of liquid TOA-Free Cats Claw (Samento or Prima Una De Gato brands). Then you may rotate this product with Regular Cat's Claw (Medik Herb Cat's Claw) to save money, using TOA-Free for 2-3 days during the week, and Medik Herb brand the rest of the week.
Do not take Regular Cat's Claw on the same day as TOA-Free.

Brain Fog symptoms: Take drops of TOA-Free Cat's Claw or Medik Herb Cat's Claw under the tongue and hold until it is dissolved. Add Resveratrol. In addition, take Pinella Brain Cleanse under the tongue as well as in water.

Blood Cleanse Product: This is powerful product with Neem, not intended for very extended, continual long term use. Use it earlier in your healing regime over the course of weeks-months. If you like neem, switch to Para Cleanse. Blood Cleanse contains Manjista, helpful in the removal of Candida.

Royal Jelly - If you incorporate it, then use it earlier in protocols, for 3-4 months, then you can discontinue if you'd like. (If you're allergic to bees or pregnant, or nursing, don't use it.)

Berberine and MSM - These are essential in the protocol for MSM to act to prevent the stickiness of biofilm to surfaces and Berberine having a solvent action to dissolve certain components of biofilm. Berberine itself is very active, so you can rotate on and off of it if you'd like.

When you are taking Biocidin Advanced, essential oil items are included in that product that also act as biofilm solvents. Adding separate Berberine can feel like overkill to take it in addition to Biocidin, so use Berberine judiciously and sometimes juggle it with Biocidin. After you stop Biocidin, use the Berberine. In general, you can start Berberine after you have used Biocidin for 2-4 months.

*Note about Berberine - Some researched evidence of Berberine shows that it can be used to keep blood sugar in the healthy range, so it can help to lower belly fat and overall body weight. If you are already experiencing weight loss or muscle wasting from chronic illness or are taking a blood sugar medication, be cautious with extended use of Berberine.

Systemic Enzymes and Resins /Charcoal - Key to the power of the protocol. If you are taking blood thinner medication, systemic enzymes will make their effects more potent - Check w/your doctor. If you choose Charcoal, start with 1/8 capsule and work up your dose slowly.

Resins and Charcoal: Do not take other medicines, herbal or otherwise, optimally within 2 hours of taking resins or charcoal. This includes Cholestyramine because it will bind certain therapeutic agents, making them unavailable and inactive. We have added Charcoal to the protocols, due to client feedback and the research comparing it to Colestyramine as a bile binder. Read about Charcoal. Take Charcoal OR Resin, but not both together at the same time.

Prescription Bile Sequestrants/binders - Guggul, Propolis, and other natural resins and Charcoal attempt to replace prescription Cholestyramine and other prescription sequestrants with a natural alternative. We cannot compare the efficacy of each against Cholestyramine. We have personally used both Guggul and Propolis with success, however. Propolis is less constipating than Guggul. Propolis has the added bonus of also being antimicrobial.

Chronic Illness: If you have Chronic Lyme Disease or Chronic Biofilm Illness, you will want to take a Mineral Buster at some point when you are feeling better to address old biofilm calcifications, especially if you have developed joint symptoms. Realistically, it takes a many months and sometimes years for herbal decalcifying products we sell to work to degrade hardened, old calcifications from biofilm. However, by taking them, you may prevent newer calcifications from forming. Read about powerful Mineral Busters like CuraPro.

Children and Pregnancy: Our protocols are designed for adults who are not pregnant. Always consult with your physician if your child is experiencing Lyme Disease or if you are pregnant. Generally, dosages on the label are adult doses, with some product labels having instructions for children and warnings for pregnancy. There is an "Ingredients tab" on each product to click and view. Be sure to click on each product photo for more info. before you order anything.

Elderly: Elderly people are often more sensitive to natural products as well as medications.

What about gut biofilm? The newest protocols we are writing incorporate Kolorex and Syntol. Syntol is an active product - a specially designed Systemic Enzyme to be used to eliminate biofilm that has accumulated in the colon.
Especially if you have taken antibiotics, we recommend you do a biofilm cleansing of the colon with this product.

Add Syntol or take it in combination with your regular systemic enzyme, once or twice per day. If you add Syntol, then you can start it after you have taken your protocol for 6 weeks or so, but you do not have to wait that long before you start it. It is normally included in Phase IV.

Generally, we like TruFlora taken along with your regular probiotics.

*It's never a bad idea to go over your plans for a protocol with your doctor. We suggest it, and you take responsibility for your own health when you use these protocols.
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